Lago/ Calm Hatchery – Split

Lago is a four piece band from the United States. whereas Calm Hatchery is a four piece band from Poland. Both bands play death metal. The Lago/ Calm Hatchery split 7” will see release on December 2nd. Driven mainly by curiosity i decided to check out their stuff. Each band contributes with one track for this split album. First track is called ”Dominion” and it belongs to Lago. It’s a more than satisfying dose of brutal death metal. I sure as hell liked it and it’s definitely my favorite track from this split. Death metal fans should note this name. This band is called Lago. Second track of this split is called ”Distant Pulsation”. I’m down with this track as well for the simple reason that it incorporates everything you like about this music. I’m talking of course about stuff like blastbeats, sick guitar solos, and cool death metal growls. This is our suggestion for today. Check out these two bands: LagoCalm Hatchery


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