Interview with Dan H from Pyramido

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Dan H: This band is called Pyramido, we´re a bunch of idiots from southern Sweden and this band was formed back in 2006.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Dan H: I can only speak for myself and for me I would say my main influences are music with strong melodies, music with youthful aggressiveness and left wing politics.

How would you define your sound?

Dan H: Heavy, emotional music with roots firmly based in hardcore and sludge.

Is there a particular concept behind ‘’Vatten’’ you would like to discuss?

Dan H: No. I´m really sorry to let you down (?), but there really ain´t. We´ll leave that to the people listening to the record.

How did you decide to write songs in swedish instead of english?

Dan H: Ronnie had written one set of lyrics for a split we did way back and for “Saga” he decided to pick it up again. Turned out it sounded better, there´s a different and more interesting pace to the singing since we switched to swedish.

What’s your favourite way of enjoying music? What would you choose between physical and digital format?

Dan H: I like to listen to music early in the morning with the kids while preparing breakfast. It´s a nice tradition. I also like to listen to music when I´m riding my bike. To restless to listen to music in a focused sense when I´m just chilling at home.

What are you listening to these days?

Dan H: All kinds of stuff. Right now I´m really into Turnstile, I think they´re the future! I’ve been listening to this rapper from NYC called KA, real loner type of music, lots of Cro-Mags and that kinda bully hardcore, Lana Del Rey in the early mornings. And a lot of Oasis!

Any live shows planned for the rest of this year?

Dan H: YES!! Only one though.

What does the future hold for Pyramido?

Dan H: I guess touring freezing squats around Europe and maybe a new record for 2017.


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