The Dead Creed


The ultimate acoustic Death Metal sound.

Watching him perform live, you can clearly come to the conclusion that this one man standing on stage, is not just an artist, he is a sensational performer able to penetrate the mind and soul from the first note of his acoustic guitar.  He stations a mystical scenery but still what your ears experience is the dominant element.

All is silent and all is loud.

He is the inspirational unseen figure that needs not to be uncovered since the surrounding created produces such an energy that it unleashes the deepest cut in emotion.  Observe the mystery and worry not of your petty fears and common thoughts.

Travel in loneliness and adjust, you are not in control.

Surrender your powers to the enchanting sounds of the veiled guitar player.  The unusual becomes loved, let go and you shall find yourself in the smooth paths of the unknown.

Fullness in all its grandeur.



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