Vermin Womb – Decline

Vermin Womb is not your typical death metal band. I mean if you’ ve ever wondered ”how brutal can it get ?” then you have clearly never listened to Vermin Womb before. The first strike came two years ago with ”Permanence”. This year the band from Colorado return with their new, full length album ”Decline”.

Ten songs are included in this album. Their music is a mixture of three main ingredients, that is of course death metal, grindcore and doom/ sludge metal. Their vocals sound more brutal than ever. Damn, these growls are nasty. It’s as if they’ re coming straight from the deepest depths of hell. There’s no more place for the wicked here. We’ re now deep into the realm of sonic terror. These ten songs are like ten demons who roam the earth and devour anything that stands in front of them. Fields of absolute nihilism lie in front of us. Find here a perfect soundtrack to a never ending nightmare. Don’t ask of me to give you a favorite song. I’m just gonna give you ten songs of pure rawness.

There’s no doubt in my mind that ”Decline” is a great album. It’s beyond raw and aggressive. Death metal fans dig in. Check out this link.


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