Interview with Sadhus (The Smoking Community)


Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

We formed during the summer of 2008. The band members are Stavros in vocals, Thomas G on guitars, Nick on bass, Greg on drums and Steve is our rolling engineer. We begun to play forced by our interest and love for heavy doom sludge music and we are still in this mood. We have so far three releases, one for the compilation of Spinalonga “Miss Fortune Was A Henhouse Manager” with song “Foondamentalist”, then our first full length selftitled album and the split with Agnes Vein with song “Abduction” from Vault relics being released during last summer.

Which bands influenced you the most?

We all have several musical influences come out from heavy rock metal scenes. Concerning the influences of Sadhus we could mention at first Black Sabbath being a kind of godfathers for our sound, then bands like Iron Monkey, Bongzila, Eyehategod, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Electric wizard, Kyuss are always some of our favorites and most influential for our music.

What’s your inspiration behind writing new music? Would you name this ongoing financial and social crisis as a source of inspiration , even subconsciously?

The inspiration comes from everything tickles our interest. It could be a riff, a picture, several emotions and feelings, social and political imbalance, the nature, our influence of favorite bands…Talking about presence with all this crisis expand in every expression of life there is so much pressure in people’s psyche. Being part of this reality we have the opportunity with Sadhus to express all our heavy feelings making music. So, yes we consider that this crisis at least inspires us to create music.

I loved the cover art of your debut album. How important would you say an album cover is?

Thank you, we are glad to hear it. We have grown up listening to the music of our favorite bands and the cover arts of their albums was the first experience of what we were going to feel having this listening. I still remember the sense that make me the cover art of “master of puppets” and then how perfectly matched with the music stuff of the album for example. It’s a kind of introduce to the mood of the music that the band will expose during the listening so it has its special importance.

This year you released a split album with Agnes Vein. How has the reception been so far? Are there any plans for a new full length album?

We are very happy and proud to release this split. The reactions so far are great. This release is a kind of a step for us leading to the next full length album. We are producing new music nowdays and we are planing somewhen in 2017 to record it and then release it.

How is music produced in Sadhus?

There are several ways for us to create music. Most times the beginning comes with a riff or a jam. Then there is a process of communication between the members of the band about the progress of a song, its orchestration and the unity between the parts of it.

What are you listening to these days?

We are listening to some new or classical albums of heavy music. Everyone have its own music preferences from several genres, and this may be black metal and the new fuckin album of Darkthrone for example or heavy rock and great new one of 1000mods. There is so much interesting music comes out these days and from our side we try to discover it having our ears tuned.

Recently at Desertfest you shared the stage with some heavyweights like Torche and Red Fang. Are there any live shows planned for the rest of this year?

We are very happy about our participation in desert fest. It was a great experience for us to share the same scene with all these bands. Next live step is on 19th of November with “Nightastalker” and “Crash ‘N’ Burn” at Gagarin and few days after at An club with “One Block Society”, “Eden Demise” and “Heavier Than God”. We have also a lot of plans about future live shows or a mini tour but we can’t so far announce something.

What does the future hold for Sadhus?

It is difficult to say for sure but we hope to have health and inspiration, a new album and some nice live experiences. Thank you for support.

*Photos Captured by Marianna Roussou & Diana Kalimeri


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