Birthday Kicks/ Screaming Dead Balloons – Split

Today we review a split album. Birthday Kicks and Screaming Dead Balloons are two rock bands from Larissa, Greece. Their split album will be released on the 14th of November through Vault Relics. Each band contributes with one track. First track belongs to Birthday Kicks. It’s actually a cover on Ramones’ ”She talks to rainbows”. I think they made a good choice and i have to say i like their version of this song even though it’s not my favorite Ramones song. Still i dig it. The second song of this split album, namely ”Last Minute Hero” comes from Screaming Dead Balloons. I’m definitely down with their garage rock. Both songs sound nice and they introduced me to two bands i’ve never heard of before. So yes i’d like to listen to more songs from them. In the mean time check out these two links: Birthday KicksScreaming Dead Balloons.


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