Ayahuasca – Yin

My lack of knowledge is what triggered my curiosity. Ayahuasca is a brew of various psychoactive plants. The brew is used as a traditional, spiritual medicine in ceremonies among the indigenous people of Amazonia. It is also a cool name for a band. Ayahuasca is a three piece band from Toronto, Canada. ”Yin” which was released on the 9th of September is their second, full length release.

Twelve tracks are included in this album. So let’s take a sip of this blend to see what it’s about. First of all, the band’s music is quite diversified. It’s a rather intriguing blend of progressive metal, grunge, punk and sludge. You can add some really nice vocals to this pot. Now, our drink is ready. It may taste a bit strange but exciting at the same time. There’s a certain sense of epicness throughout this album. And it is something that i felt from the very first song of this album. ”Yin” at times sounds mesmerising but there where also parts that felt like taking on an epic journey. I think that we’ re talking about twelve good written tracks and it is also difficult for me to pick a favourite track. Beautiful in its technicality, this album needs to be heard many times. Rest assure though, you will be rewarded. Certain layers of charm will unfold in front of you.

So my suggestion for today is ”Yin” by Ayahuasca. I certainly enjoyed this album and therefore i would like to recommend it. Personally i’d give it a 9 out of 10. Here’s a link where you can also listen to Yin.


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