Minerva Superduty – Gorod Zero

During the end of the last decade something really interesting took place here in Greece. We’ re definitely living in interesting times but no, my introduction doesn’t have to do with the country’s economy. I’m referring to all those bands that emerged and the birth of a scene that’s worth checking out. Bands that have so far presented us with some exceptional works. One of these bands is Minerva Superduty.

For those of you who don’t know about the band let me just state that they come from Kalamata, Greece and that ”Gorod Zero” is their second release. We have already talked here about their first album ”Minerva Superduty”This album revealed to me a perfectionist band. And that’s because they took care of every last detail. I’m talking of course about the music (Ω3 will always be my favorite track) and the album’s front cover art. Their video clip for ”Sklenos pt.1” was simply a piece of art.

As it has already been mentioned ”Gorod Zero” is their new album. It was released on the 17th of october. Eight new tracks are included in this album. So, what’s new here? Well, the answer is many things. First of all Minerva Superduty are no longer an instrumental band. Yes, they have added vocals to their music. Lyrics and vocals were written and performed by George Papageorgiou at Twin Picks studios, Athens GR. I must say that was quite a surprise for me. I mean, a few months ago the band had presented us some of their new songs in a live show here in Athens. Without vocals though. In my opinion this addition marks a certain shift in their sound. I’m not claiming that they have broken their ties with their first album. But i feel that ”Gorod Zero” sounds a lot darker than the previous album. It’s as if they had a load of fury inside of them and they finally let it go. I don’t really want to classify their sound or something like that mainly because i’m having a hard time trying to describe it. Chaotic hardcore or post hardcore? Powerviolence perhaps? Don’t know. Perhaps we’ re missing the point here. But when you find yourself in a situation like that you know you have found something special.

First of all, production wise ”Gorod Zero” sounds great. Despite the album’s technicality the purpose is simple. Self expression and make the listener abandon his safety zone and explore new soundscapes. Personally this album makes me think of post apocalyptic sceneries. This is one of these albums where you must listen to it from top to bottom. Don’t pick tracks in a random order. There’s a reason for that. The band is trying to tell  a story here. And they’ re rather successful at it. As for a favorite track? I think i’ll go with ”Negative Dialectic” and ”Acephale”.

Trying to sum it up i would have to say that i enjoyed this album. These guys didn’t lower their standards at all. There’s no doubt in my mind that ”Gorod Zero” is an excellent album. Probably one of this year’s best albums. Check out this link and discover your own truth.


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