Afmagt – Den Sidste kamp Taber Du Alene

We’ re back with another review. Afmagt (danish for powerlessness) was formed in early 2016 by current and former members of Hexis, No Fealty and Iron. On the 14th of October the band released their debut ep ”Den Sidste Kamp Taber Du Alene”. I don’t speak any danish but according to google translate (that’s a rather risky translation i have to say) the album’s title means ”the last game you lose alone”. So, five tracks are included in this ep. The band’s music is a more than exciting blend of hardcore punk and d-beat. Before you do anything make sure you turn up the volume. First song is called ”sidste udvej” and it’s damn amazing. Listening to it i was like ”O.k gentlemen you have my attention now”. ”Det yderste mørke” is the album’s second track and this is another awesome track as well. But wait there’s more. Enter ”Svarta strack”. In my opinion this is one of this album’s best tracks. ”Håbets sidste bastion” is just another great track from this album, full of raw hardcore energy. I loved this track’s intro. Last but not least we find ”forrådt” and all i can say is that this shit is the bomb. I must admit i loved this ep. All of its 5 tracks. To me it sounds fresh and definitely inspired. Thumbs up also for the album’s production. All songs sound as heavy and massive as they should. They made a fan out of me and i’m pretty sure the same thing will happen with you. Den Sidste Kamp Taber Du Alene is recommended for all hardcore fans.


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