VVORSE – Näkyjä Helvetistä

VVORSE is a four piece band from Jyväskylä, Finland. ” Näkyjä Helvetistä ” (finnish for ‘visions from hell’), which was released on the 11th of october, is their debut, full length album. Their music is a blend of crust punk, hardcore and a bit of sludge. Nevertheless crust punk is the main element in their music. All lyrics are written in finnish but that’s not really a problem because as we’ said so many times before, music is a universal language. And i think these guys here manage to get their message across. Nine tracks await for you here. I must admit this is some stuff. We’re talking about pure, raw energy. It didn’t really take too long for me to like their music. From the first song i was like ”O.k gentlemen you have my attention now”. And the rest of the songs proved to be fast and heavy as hell. For example check out ”Haudantekijä”. This is my favorite song from this album. D-beat/ crust as it should be. Personally, i must say i enjoyed this album. Therefore i would like to recommend it. Here’s a link where you can also listen to ” Näkyjä Helvetistä ”.


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