Oathbreaker – Rheia

We decided to dedicate this weekend to two albums that were highly anticipated. Yesterday we talked about Phantom Winter’s new album ”Sundown Pleasures”. Today we’re gonna talk a bit about Oathbreaker’s new album ”Rheia”. To those of you who don’t know about the band, let me just state that the band came into existence back in 2008, in Ghent, Belgium. ”Rheia” is their third full length album.

Oathbreaker were completely unknown to me until a friend of mine recommnded me ”Eros/ Anteros”, namely their previous full length album. So, ”Rheia” was released this september and it comprises 10 tracks. If i’d venture to describe the band’s sound then probably i’d use the term new age black metal or something like that. One of the main things that made this band so appealing to me is Caro’s vocals. She definitely has some serious skills. And i like the fact that she’s now using more clean vocals. The combination of ethereal vocals and cold black metal is not something new. But here it definitely fits. Apart from that the band’s music is once again incredibly heavy and atmospheric. Full of passion and lyricism their songs stick to your mind. ”Rheia” may sound to you sometimes depressive and of course dark but in the end what you get is a strong liberating feeling. As for a favorite song? I think i’m going to go with ”Immortals”.

Overall i have to say i enjoyed this album. There is no doubt in my mind that ”Rheia” is an excellent album. I’d give it an 8,5 out 10. But enough with me talking. Just put on your headphones and enjoy the music .


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