Endalok – Englaryk

It seems to me that the local black metal scene in Iceland is flourishing. Endalok introduce themselves to us with ”Englaryk”, namely their first demo album. Four tracks are included in this release. First of all i’ d like to say that the album sounds a bit scruffy. There were parts in the first track where i got a bit lost. I mean, i wasn’t quite sure what i was listening to. But one must not forget that this is a demo. I’ll tell you what though; I’m going to give ’em credit for creating a cold and gloomy atmosphere in all of their songs. You’ ll also find some nice riffs, like in ”Englaryk”. This is the album’s third track and the one i liked the most. These guys seem to know their black metal and i think that they have what it takes to create something really good in the future. Here is a link where you can listen to ”Englaryk”.


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