Dorre/ Bethmoora – Split

I’ve said it before and i’m going to say it again. I like split albums. It’s a great way to discover new bands. So today we present to you Dorre and Bethmoora. Dorre is an instrumental/ Psychedelic/ doom metal band from Belgium whereas Bethmoora is a sludge metal band from Danemark. These two bands are going to release a split album on the 1st of November.

Three tracks are included in this album. The first two come from Dorre and the third one from Bethmoora. First of all i have to say that the album’s cover art is simply great. It’s imaginative as it is symmetric. Hats off to the one who designed it. But let’s get back to the music. Dorre and Bethmoora have never been featured on this site before but i have to say i’m definitely down with their music. Dorre deliver instrumental music that’s rather heavy and inspired. I liked their psychedelic doom metal and specifically their song ”Three fell from the Sky”. Bethmoora is kind of a different story. Their track is called ”Succumb”. Here you’ ll find about seventeen minutes of nothing but sludge at its darkest form. In my mind it’s definitely a nice track. I specifically liked their vocals. They sound as raw and brutal as they should be. There were some parts of the song where i slightly lost interest but overall i have to say that i enjoyed this track.

This album is recommended for all doom metal/ sludge fans. As it has already been mentioned the album wil be released on the 1st of november. In the meantime check out these links:


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