The Body – No One Deserves Happiness

The Body is a two piece band from the United States. Back in march they released their latest album called ”No One Deserves Happiness”. Many people kept talking about this album so i decided to give it a listen to see what the fuss is all about. Thus i did.

Well, this is album is rather odd and fascinating at the same time. You might think there’s a bit of a contradiction here and perhaps there is. Nevertheless this is not your typical sludge album. First of all what puzzled me a lot was the album’s front cover art. In the beginning i thought it was a bootleg edition or something like that. But then i was informed that this was the right one. Never judge a book by its cover they say. So i pressed play.

”No One Deserves Happiness” includes ten tracks. It soon became clear to me that this is a ”hate it or love it” situation. I’m referring of course to the album’s experimental nature. I mean it would be rather pointless trying to describe its sound. And that’s because their music blend includes different styles of unique music. It is of course heavy as hell. No one can deny that. Those ethereal vocals also gave me the chills.

There are definitely so many things to discover here. This may be a cliche line but ”No One Deserves Happiness” is an album that you need to experience, not just listen. From the first four songs to ”Two Snakes”. I’m half way through and it’s already such a fascinating ride. I certainly did not expect those electronic parts at that song. But wait there’s more. ”Adamah” is pure gold. As i have already said i’m not sure how to describe this. You need to hear this, you need to feel how it is to explore new dimensions in different soundscapes. And then a huge monolith called ”Starving Deserter” stood in front of me. Damn, there’s so much beauty here.

Overall i have to say that this is a great album. If not the best album of this year then probably one of this year’s best albums. It would definitely be a 9,5 out of 10. As i said before it is a ”Hate it or love it” situation. But i think that you must listen to it many times to see what’s going on here. Check out these links below and find out for yourself.


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