Extreme Noise Terror – Extreme Noise Terror

I have to admit i’m not the biggest Extreme Noise Terror fan. I like their music though. These guys have been in the game for more than thirty years. I think most people would agree that they took hardcore punk to a whole different level becoming one of the first grindcore bands. Yes, their music is really fast.

Back in 2015 the band released ”Extreme Noise Terror” Lp, namely their latest album. Thirteen tracks can be found here. Here you’ ll find nothing less than good ol’ grindcore. But i think i’m going to agree with what is stated in the band’s webpage. This time they have returned to their hardcore punk roots. Their music remains of course as aggressive and raw as always. Lyrically their songs deal with social matters and they have a rather interesting content. I liked all songs but i think i’m gonna name ”Think outside the box” and ”Last Fix of Fame” as my favorites.

It’s definitely an album worth checking out. Personally i enjoyed it therefore i would like to recommend it. This album is recommended for all punk, crust punk, hardcore, grindcore fans. Check out these links:


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