Auroch – Mute Books

Hi there. We’ re back with another review. Let’s talk a bit about an album that made quite an impression on me. But first of all let me introduce you to Auroch, a three piece, death metal band from Vancouver, B.C, Canada. They released their debut album ”From Forgotten Worlds” back in 2012. ”Mute Books”, which is their new album, will be released on the 21st of October through Profound Lore Records. Seven tracks await for you here. We’re basically talking about brutal death metal here. This album incorporates stuff like nice riffs, blast beats we all love and great death metal growls. There’s a certain degree of dark ambience throughout their songs. Seven raw and murky songs that are all part of a ritual. You need to experience this album. You must not pick random songs from the album’s tracklist to listen to. Listen to it from the beginning to the end. Rest assure you’ll discover many great songs like ”Say Nothing” and ”Her Bidding”. These two are my personal favorites. But it’s not only about these two songs. It’s basically the album’s technicality and ritualistic tone that made it so appealing to me. Overall i have to say i enjoyed this album therefore i would like to recommend it. Death metal fans dig in. Check out these liks:


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