Cruz – Culto Abismal

Cruz is a five piece, death metal band from Barcelona. ”Culto Abismal”, which will released on the 7th of October, is their debut, full length album. We’ re talking about old school death metal. This band takes inspiration from 90’s death metal but they don’t just want to sound nostalgic or something like that. They add a lot of crust punk and d-beat to their music producing an album that just can’t go unnoticed. They have definitely achieved to bring back that evilness that existed in albums like ”Left Hand Path”. This is one of these cases where the album’s cover art tells a lot about what’s going on in this album. This is abysmal, hellish music. It is a living nightmare that’s rather welcome. And we’ re more than happy and excited to embrace this abysmal cult. All eight tracks are more than great but if i should choose a favorite one then that would have to be ”Culto Abismal”. Personally i enjoyed this album. I think it’s one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. Specially recommended for death metal fans. Check out these links:


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