Art Of Burning Water – Between Life And Nowhere

Hello, we’ re back with yet another review. This album has become a personal favorite so i thought it would be a good idea to say some words about it. First of all i’d like to thank my friend Kaze for introducing me to this band. I’m talking about the Art of Burning Water, a three piece band from the U.K. ”Between Life And Nowhere”, which was released on the 1st of July, is their new album. Ten tracks are included in this album. The band’s music is a more than exciting mixture of hardcore, crust punk and sludge. These are key ingredients to create something special. In my opinion the band has written ten kick-ass songs. Here you’ ll find nothing else but music that is fast and heavy as hell. One important element to this blend is definitely their vocals. In my opinion what we have here is great black metal growls. These vocals add a certain amount of darkness. And what i personally get is that their singer sings literally his heart out. Personaly i loved all ten songs. It’s not that easy to pick a favorite song. Nevertheless if i should definitely do that, then that would had to be ”Kindness is Strength”. This is without any doubt a beast of a song. And that’s hands down. Imagine a killer album with its very best song at the end. That is ”Between Life And Nowhere” Lp. A cold, dark entity that the underground gave birth to. As for me, i rocked it, i’m sure as hell down with it therefore i would like to recommend it. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Between Life And Nowhere”:


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