Our Place of Worship is Silence – The Embodiment of Hate

Our Place of Worship is Silence is a four piece, death metal band from the United States. ”The Embodiment of Hate” is their debut, full length album. Never before had i heard of this band in the past but driven mainly from the album’s excellent cover art and the text that followed the promo i decided to give it a listen. Seven tracks of brutal death metal await for you here. It’s strong, dark music and you quickly get to realize that this is going to get ugly. To get the idea, it’s like big demonic forces emerging from an abyss where only hate and brutality dwell. In other words it sounds like proper death metal. Those growls sound quite terryfying for people who had never had a taste of this music before in the past. It’s one of the first things that made an impression on me. I think their vocals are awesome. Apart from the vocals i believe that ”The Embodiment of Hate” is an album of imposing music combining technicality and extreme aggression. You need to listen to it some times before it starts to reveal its secrets. It is certain though that in the end you will be rewarded for your patience and persistence. As for me i have to say i enjoyed it and therefore i would like to recommend it. The album wil be released on the 14th of October through Broken Limbs Recordings.


Auroch – Mute Books

Hi there. We’ re back with another review. Let’s talk a bit about an album that made quite an impression on me. But first of all let me introduce you to Auroch, a three piece, death metal band from Vancouver, B.C, Canada. They released their debut album ”From Forgotten Worlds” back in 2012. ”Mute Books”, which is their new album, will be released on the 21st of October through Profound Lore Records. Seven tracks await for you here. We’re basically talking about brutal death metal here. This album incorporates stuff like nice riffs, blast beats we all love and great death metal growls. There’s a certain degree of dark ambience throughout their songs. Seven raw and murky songs that are all part of a ritual. You need to experience this album. You must not pick random songs from the album’s tracklist to listen to. Listen to it from the beginning to the end. Rest assure you’ll discover many great songs like ”Say Nothing” and ”Her Bidding”. These two are my personal favorites. But it’s not only about these two songs. It’s basically the album’s technicality and ritualistic tone that made it so appealing to me. Overall i have to say i enjoyed this album therefore i would like to recommend it. Death metal fans dig in. Check out these liks:

Lae -Break the Clasp

Lately i’ve been listening to this album and the truth is i liked it a lot. So i thought it would be a good idea to say a few words about it. Lae is a five piece band from Canada. ”Break the Clasp” is their full length, debut album. It was released back in 2014. Until recently i knew nothing about this band. The thing is though, if you dig deep into the underground you’ ll find amazing stuff. In my opinion ”Break the Clasp” is one of those unearthed gems. Thirteen tracks are included in this album. I’m not really sure how to describe their sound. Perhaps that would be pointless. What’s really interesting is that this album was recorded and mixed by Steven Austin. He also did lead vocals. But let us get back to the album. I think that the album’s dysfunctional nature holds a certain degree of charm. The listener will find many bittersweet melodies and definitely tracks that stick to your mind. You could call this music blend of theirs a bit eccentric or even avant garde. Nevertheless there is no doubt in my mind that ”Break the Clasp” is not your typical rock album. Not even by a long shot. Prepare yourself for an awesome ride through magnificent soundscapes. We don’t have a scale here but if we had one this would easily be a 9 out of 10. Yes, it’s that good. Check out these links:

The art of H.R Giger

You’ve probably seen many of his works but didn’t know that he’s responsible for them. You probably know him as the creator of Alien or the man responsible for the cover art of Celtic Frost’s ‘To Mega Therion’ Lp. He’s the one and only H.R Giger.

H.R. Giger is recognized as one of the world’s foremost artists of Fantastic Realism. Born in 1940 to a chemist’s family in Chur, Switzerland, he moved in 1962 to Zurich, where he studied architecture and industrial design at the School of Applied Arts. By 1964 he was producing his first artworks, mostly ink drawings and oil paintings, resulting in his first solo exhibition in 1966, followed by the publication and world-wide distribution of his first poster edition in 1969. Shortly after, he discovered the airbrush and, along with it, his own unique freehand painting style, leading to the creation of many of his most well known works, the surrealistic Biomechanical dreamscapes, which formed the cornerstone of his fame. To date, more than 20 books have been published about Giger’s art.

Giger’s most famous book, Necronomicon, published in 1977, served as the visual inspiration for director Ridley Scott’s film Alien, Giger’s first high-profile film assignment, which earned him the 1980 Oscar for the Best Achievement in Visual Effects for his designs of the film’s title character, including all the stages of its lifecycle, plus the film’s extraterrestrial environments. Giger’s other well-known film work includes his designs for Poltergeist II, Alien3 and Species, as well as the legendary unmade film, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune.

On 12 May 2014, Giger died in a hospital in Zürich after having suffered injuries in a fall.


H.R. Giger is known for working with many rock and metal artists. Find below some work of his. Here are perhaps some of the best album covers he has created:

Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery (inside cover – 1973)


Emerson Lake and Palmer at Giger’s Studio in Zurich, 1973 – Foto: Bruno Torricelli


Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion


Carcass – Heartwork


Danzig – III How the Gods Kill


Triptykon – Melana Chasmata


Atrocity – Hallucinations


He has also designed Korn’s mic stand. Who knew that Jonathan Davis was a great admirer of his work?


H.R Giger became known to me through his work in cinema and his exquisite album covers. But the truth is he’s one versatile artist. Apart from a painter and a film director he was also a sculptor and a set designer.


Or even a furniture designer:




H.R.Giger is regarded to be a highly influential artist. I think the world of horror and science fiction owes him a lot. You can admire his work at the H.R Giger museum. On June 20, 1998, the Museum H.R Giger opened its doors in the medieval Château St. Germain in the 400 year old historic, walled city of Gruyères, Switzerland. As the permanent home to many of Giger’s key , the museum houses the largest and most impressive collection of the artist’s paintings and sculptures, furniture and film designs, dating from the early 1960’s till the present day.

Giger Bars

Would you drink your beer here? Damn these bars are creepy.

Chur, Switzerland


Gruyeres, Switzerland



Giger created some of the most terrifying, dark & enigmatic creatures for the big screen. His ability of visualizing, expressing & realizing the designs of all these terrors was exceptional & heavily influential. Their nature was the result of a violent but harmonic blend of humanoid & machine, and Giger brought them to life for a one & sole reason; to haunt our dreams & redefine new meanings for the words “futility“, “obscurity” & “malevolence“. Let’s check some of his most well-known “pets” along the movies in which they appeared in chronological order.

Alien (1979)

You knew that, didn’t you? Yes, H.R. Giger is officially the biological dad of Alien, the extraterrestrial creature that appears in the “Alien” franchise. The design of the Alien was based on Giger’s 1976’s lithography Necronom IV painting.


They see me posin’, they hatin’

Giger initially designed our 2-mouthed fellow in his adult & egg & chest-burster forms, but ultimately designed the alien planetoid LV-426 and the Space Jockey alien vessel.


Ostrich egg, right?


Good morning everyone!


Not so excited about meeting the inhabitants of LV-426, what about you?



I am sure that the crew of that particular spaceship will welcome us on board!

Due to his Alien design and Carlo Rambaldi’s mechanical implementation of the Alien head that was assembled from 900 moving parts, both of them won 1980’s Academy Award for Visual Effects.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)

Giger designed the “Great Beast” form of Henry Kane, the main antagonist of the series, who after his death, he transformed in the monstrocity known as the “Great Beast“, hungry for more souls to possess. Giger worked remotely for that project due to his unwillingness to leave Zurich at that time & Cornelius De Fries was hired to represent Giger at the studio during production. The artist was disappointed from the final result, commenting that his lack of presence was the reason for the disappointing results regarding the design.


Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1988)

The film is a tokusatsu historical dark fantasy/science fiction epic film directed by Akio Jissoji, produced by “Exe” studios and distributed by Toho Studios. Giger’s input was the design of gohō dōji, guardian spirits from Buddhist folklore


Will you need a hand, master?

Species (1995)

Another science fiction horror thriller film, directed by Roger Donaldson and written by Dennis Feldman. In the film, a team of scientists managed to merge extraterrestrial DNA with human DNA forming Sil, an organism that resembles a human female except that she had tones of supernatural abilities. Sil’s body is able to develop quite fast (12 years old in 3 months), her body possesses regenerative abilities, she has supernatural strength & exceptionally intelligent. Quite a badass in my opinion. The combination of these superpowers really made the task of tracking & eliminating Sil quite difficult. Giger is responsible for the beauty’s design. He worked remotely in order to take care of his dying mother from Switzerland & communicating his sketches & airbrush paintings through fax. After seeing some final design & movie plot similarities with Alien was unhappy with the final result.


 What a creature, such erotic elegance and powerful lethality



  • Giger worked in the designs for the adaptation of the Frank Herbert Dune (1965) novel, but later the Dune movie was produced in an adaptation of David Lynch instead.
  • During the production of Batman Forever, Giger provided his version of the batmobile but it was rejected due to his malevolent & obscure style.


Giger’s version of Batmobile, or should i say Satanmobile 666?

  • In Prometheus, H.R Giger was credited for the original designs of “The Derelict” & “Space Jockey” spaceships & the “Temple”.


Let’s leave this place…Now….


Narthraal – Chainsaw Killing Spree

Narthraal is a death metal band from Reykjavik, Iceland. The band is comprised of four members. Formed back in late 2012, this year the band released their second ep ”Chainsaw Killing Spree”. Two songs are included in this ep. These guys definitely know their death metal. First track is called ”Million Graves to Fill”. Really nice song. Super heavy and brutal as it is supposed to be. Second song is called ”Descend into Darkness”. I’m down with this track as well. Prepare thyself for some raw mid tempo death metal. If you like bands like Grave, Dismember and Entombed then you should definitely check out Narthraal.

Cruz – Culto Abismal

Cruz is a five piece, death metal band from Barcelona. ”Culto Abismal”, which will released on the 7th of October, is their debut, full length album. We’ re talking about old school death metal. This band takes inspiration from 90’s death metal but they don’t just want to sound nostalgic or something like that. They add a lot of crust punk and d-beat to their music producing an album that just can’t go unnoticed. They have definitely achieved to bring back that evilness that existed in albums like ”Left Hand Path”. This is one of these cases where the album’s cover art tells a lot about what’s going on in this album. This is abysmal, hellish music. It is a living nightmare that’s rather welcome. And we’ re more than happy and excited to embrace this abysmal cult. All eight tracks are more than great but if i should choose a favorite one then that would have to be ”Culto Abismal”. Personally i enjoyed this album. I think it’s one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. Specially recommended for death metal fans. Check out these links: