VRTRA – My Bones Hold a Stillness

Vrtra is a four piece doom/ black metal band from the United States. The band came into existence back in 2014. ‘My Bones Hold a Stillness’ is their new album. The album will be released worldwide on the 2nd of September through Sentient Ruin Laboratories. Three songs are included in this release. The band’s music is immensely heavy and dark. It starts with ”Perpetually Hag Ridden”. Thumbs up for this song. It is a beast of a song and that’s hands down. Black metal blends perfectly with doom metal. It’s a morbid hymn that’s gonna haunt your playlist for a long time. Second song is called ‘The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes On Forever’. The song’s title describes perfectly what’s going on here. You must experience this song’s stone cold atmosphere. Something sinister lives in the void and it’s waiting for you. Last but not least we have ‘My Bones Hold a Stillness’. It’s another great song from this band. I mean here you’ll find nothing less than great vocals, stone cold black metal riffs and music heavy as a sledgehammer. As for me, i certainly enjoyed this album and i’m really eager to listen to more songs from this band. Here are two links where you can also listen to ‘My Bones Hold a Stillness’ :


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