Spanish crust scene essentials


Some time ago, we discussed in the crew the idea of collecting the best of all spanish crust artists in one article.  That scene was quite an interesting one as you will figure it out yourself, with a plethora of different styles around. From neocrust, to crust’n’roll &
grindcore, an underground scene full of content quality & originality. Plus, it was a quite important musical influence to my further musical preferences; after listening to these guys, you could easily go for the heavier stuff like Fall of Efrafa (more atmospheric & post) & Wolfbrigade (more raw crust).

Well, i present you my favorite spanish crust artists, along with my favorite albums from their discographies. As you will notice, some of the artists are DIY, thus, material accessibility is quite limited.

Well, here it is! Take your time & dive into it! All videos of the article are available through this Youtube playlist.

I. Ictus
City: Galicia
Genre: neocrust

1. Hambrientos de un sol distinto
2. Imperivm

II. Hongo
City: A Coruña
Genre: neocrust

Bandcamp Facebook

1. Split with Aguirre
2. Formas de Vida que se Precipitan hacia su Destrucción

III. Black Panda
City: A Coruña
Genre: crust ‘n’ roll, hxc punk

Bandcamp Facebook

1. Tanque De 98 Octanos

IV. Ekkaia
City: A Coruña
Genre: neocrust

1. Demasiado tarde para pedir perdón
2. Sombras Del Progreso

V. Down to Agony
Genre: neocrust


1. No Vida

VI. Madame Germen
City: A Coruña
Genre: crustcore, grindcore

1. Invocacion a Morte


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