Nulla+ – Stornelli Distopici

Nulla+ is a two piece band from Perugia, Italy. The band came into existence back in 2014. ”Stornelli Distopici”, which was released on the 19th of May, is their debut full length release. “Stornelli Distopici” takes inspiration from the ‘’Stornelli’’ which are a kind of folk poetry grown in the Middle Italy at the end of the Middle Ages/beginning of the Renaissance. To be honest, i know nothing about medieval, italian poetry. Well, except for Divina Commedia written by Dante Alighieri.

Eleven songs are included in today’s album. The band’s music is mainly a combination of black metal and hardcore. These two italians introduce themselves to us with quite an emphatic way. They seem to know their black metal, drawing their inspiration from the early 90’s and mixing it with some relentless hardcore punk. This has led to an album full of cold, obscure & heavy as hell songs. Make no mistake, here you’ ll find some really nice riffs as well as unearthly vocals. As for me, i have to say i enjoyed all songs. But if i had to chose a favorite one then that would had to be ”In Ospedale per l’ Eternita”.

To sum up, i think the band delivered. Nulla+’s first album is definitely worthy of your attention. I’m down with it therefore i would like to recommend it. Check out these links:


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