Interview with Gravitsapa

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Hi! We are Gravitsapa. We live in Ukraine (Lviv). We are 10 years old. And we don’t want to play music that already exists.

What does the name Gravitsapa represent?

I recommend you to watch the movie called “Kin-Dza-Dza!”. This is old soviet post-apocalyptic art-house movie. And “Gravitsapa” is some sci-fi detail from there.  The point is not in the term “Gravitsapa” but in the spirit of this movie. And we like how it sounds.  Also in Ukraine we have a slang word “Gravitsapa” which means “weird detail on thing”.  So, when we are on stage, people know what to expect – weird things.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

If I start from the beginning I should mention Michael Jackson, perhaps. I loved him in my childhood. For now I consider as my teachers Dmitri Shostakowich, John Cage, Robert Fripp, Justin Broadrick and Buzz Osborne.

If you’d compare your music to an art movement then what would that be?

Definitely it is post-modernism. It destroyed all cultural foundations. Now we have nothing. No mission, no purpose, no religion, no beliefs. It is tragic but now we have a chance to start from the new beginning. I don’t even know how to consider, for example, Nirvana in this chaos. Maybe it is grunge, but maybe it is some kind of noise rock or even weird indie. Why am I doing such a conclusion? Because I live in this shitty post-modernism and it lives inside me. It is chaos that has a chance to give birth to some order, and it calls us back to the basics. I’d say basics of primitivism.  

This year you released ‘’Demo 2’’ Lp. How did the recording sessions go and how has the reception been so far?

The album was almost ready in 2015. And whole next year we have been listening it and correcting some details. We like this primitive-naive sound. Without this sound recordings would have been not profound. I hope that in the future people will understand it. For today we have very dual feedback. Even those who understand it have a doubt whether they got it right or not.

Any particular concept behind ‘’Demo 2’’ you would like to discuss?

As it is written in the foreword, the album is made as some kind of science work. Revolutionary and old at the same time. We have created unique themes there with unique atmosphere. Also I need to emphasize that monotonic moments in this album are specifically planned. I need to say it because many people told me: “the melody is repeated many times, why don’t you bring more diversity there?”.

What inspires you the most?

I think it is my inner world. I don’t need adventures, love or movies to catch an inspiration. Just close the room and start introverting.

What are you listening to these days?

5-th and 8-th Shostakovich symphonies, Godflesh, JK Flesh, random John Cage’s works.

Any live shows planned for this year?

Not planned for this moment.

What does the future hold for Gravitsapa?

In the far future some internet archaeologist will find our albums and add us to the list of unrecognized talent of the past. Also I can say a few words about our near future. We will work in the field of free improvisation and minimalism. We still will be connecting academic and underground music approaches together. We don’t want to have this long gap between these two movements.


Save Chrissi


Last week we visited Chrissi Island near Creta, Greece. Chrissi Island (also called Gaidouronisi, literally meaning Donkey Island) is located 7.5 nautical miles from Ierapetra in Creta, and you can easily go there in the period May-September from Ierapetra port by getting a ferry. Chrissi Island is an island covered with white sand & wild ceder trees, creating a majestic landscape, a perfect place for escaping from the city life. Some of the ceders are more than 300 years old!



In the island, the default beach that all tourist guides recommend is the Pelegrina (Chrissi Beach). Near Pelegrina, the Kataprosopo beach resides. Tou Vouyou To Mati beach is located just near the tavern at the port where the ferries are stopping.
The trip with the ferries is around 45 minutes and costs 25 € (?!!) for the roundtrip…and this is from where the profiteering and the full exploitation of the island’s wild beauty starts. After visiting the island, i was informed that with us, 2000 – 3000 people entered the island in one day & this happens everyday during the summer season!!



I also forgot to mention that Gaidouronisi comes under Natura 2000, thus it is a special protection area & and an archaelogical area. How exactly this area is protected from the human factor? Who protects the island and the agelong ceder trees?

Who allows the entrepreneurs that dictate the island from doing whatever they want? Where is the Municipality of Ierapetra & what are its responsibilities & commitment towards protecting & preserving the island’s wild life?


The beach bar in Pelegrina beach has literally plagued the whole beach with sunbeds, 4 rows of sunbeds that cover the whole beach from the start til the end. And the price? 15 € per sunbed (?!?!?!?!)



When i was a kid & visiting the island, i remember that Pelegrina was covered with tiny shells instead of sand, you could literally swim inside a mountain of shells. But through the years, the only remaining shells are located in the rightmost corner of the beach. All the others have been picked up by visitors of the island, that thought “Hey! I’ll fill this plastic bottle with these shells for my house! What a great idea!”. Well, by deduction, the majority of shells have been vanished and the Pelegrina beach is full of sunbeds, plastic coffee containers, beer bottles & cigarette ends…




The exploitation of the island must stop now, those who exploit & along their actions need to be monitored by the Municipality of Ierapetra, which must be more active & present for the islands’ sake & rescue from the teeth of the unlimited profiteering.



Unyielding Love – The Sweat of Augury

This particular album recently hit our radars, it is seriously good and it has also become a personal favorite. So i thought we should say some words about it. ”The Sweat of Augury” is Unyielding Love’s debut album. It is to be released on the 30th of September. The band’s music is a more than exciting blend of grind, black metal and noisecore. Eight tracks can be found in this album. We’ re talking about twenty minutes of pure, brutal music. This album is fast as it is heavy as hell. First track is called ”Abandon the Body” and it is time to leave everything else aside and just listen to this album. ”Cruor Whelm” is quite overwhelming. Check out how they have mixed grindcore and chaotic hardcore. Of course ”Ardent Shroud” is another excellent track as well. ”Of Human Grease and Ash” is one of this album’s best tracks. It’s a great track and that’s hands down. If i had to choose a favorite song though that would have to be ”The Pregnant Hurt”. In my opinion it is a raw, relentless, monumental track. They definitely know their black metal. There’s no doubt about it. They managed to filter it and take it to their own standards, producing a beast of a song. All eight songs form an album of exceptional, experimental music. Every piece seems to fit appropriately. As for me, i think this album is great. It’s one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. I would like to recommend it and urge all of you to give it a listen. Check out these links:

Cough – Still They Pray

”Still They Pray” by Cough was trully one of the most anticipated albums of 2016. Personally, yes, i was quite eager to listen to this album. Thus i did. For those of you who don’t know let me just state that Cough is a four piece band from the United States. They’ ve been in the game for more than ten years. First ever Cough album i listened to was ”Ritual Abuse”. That album actually got me into Cough.

So ”Still They Pray”, which was released this June, is Cough’s new album. It was actually produced by Jus Oborn. Eight songs are included in this album. The band’s music is of course heavy as hell. I think it’s one of those albums that you have to experience. I mean you don’t just listen to it. You need to feel the despair and the haunting sense that this dirge produces. Once again it feels like you’ re being devoured by the void. Check out songs like ”Masters of Torture” and you’ ll see what i’m saying here. It’s definitely my favorite song from this album. It incorporates everything you love about heavy music: great riffs, vocals that cry nothing less than pure hate and agony. Rest assure though this goes for the rest of the songs as well.

I think the band delivered. ”Still They Pray” is a great album. Sludge/ Doom metal fans are gonna love it. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Still They Pray”:

VRTRA – My Bones Hold a Stillness

Vrtra is a four piece doom/ black metal band from the United States. The band came into existence back in 2014. ‘My Bones Hold a Stillness’ is their new album. The album will be released worldwide on the 2nd of September through Sentient Ruin Laboratories. Three songs are included in this release. The band’s music is immensely heavy and dark. It starts with ”Perpetually Hag Ridden”. Thumbs up for this song. It is a beast of a song and that’s hands down. Black metal blends perfectly with doom metal. It’s a morbid hymn that’s gonna haunt your playlist for a long time. Second song is called ‘The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes On Forever’. The song’s title describes perfectly what’s going on here. You must experience this song’s stone cold atmosphere. Something sinister lives in the void and it’s waiting for you. Last but not least we have ‘My Bones Hold a Stillness’. It’s another great song from this band. I mean here you’ll find nothing less than great vocals, stone cold black metal riffs and music heavy as a sledgehammer. As for me, i certainly enjoyed this album and i’m really eager to listen to more songs from this band. Here are two links where you can also listen to ‘My Bones Hold a Stillness’ :

Spanish crust scene essentials


Some time ago, we discussed in the crew the idea of collecting the best of all spanish crust artists in one article.  That scene was quite an interesting one as you will figure it out yourself, with a plethora of different styles around. From neocrust, to crust’n’roll &
grindcore, an underground scene full of content quality & originality. Plus, it was a quite important musical influence to my further musical preferences; after listening to these guys, you could easily go for the heavier stuff like Fall of Efrafa (more atmospheric & post) & Wolfbrigade (more raw crust).

Well, i present you my favorite spanish crust artists, along with my favorite albums from their discographies. As you will notice, some of the artists are DIY, thus, material accessibility is quite limited.

Well, here it is! Take your time & dive into it! All videos of the article are available through this Youtube playlist.

I. Ictus
City: Galicia
Genre: neocrust

1. Hambrientos de un sol distinto
2. Imperivm

II. Hongo
City: A Coruña
Genre: neocrust

Bandcamp Facebook

1. Split with Aguirre
2. Formas de Vida que se Precipitan hacia su Destrucción

III. Black Panda
City: A Coruña
Genre: crust ‘n’ roll, hxc punk

Bandcamp Facebook

1. Tanque De 98 Octanos

IV. Ekkaia
City: A Coruña
Genre: neocrust

1. Demasiado tarde para pedir perdón
2. Sombras Del Progreso

V. Down to Agony
Genre: neocrust


1. No Vida

VI. Madame Germen
City: A Coruña
Genre: crustcore, grindcore

1. Invocacion a Morte

Interview with Cvlt of Grace

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

We’re a three piece band from the south-west of Hungary. We were formed in 2011. The original line-up was five piece but as years went by and european tours were made the others wanted to focus on their personal lives and works and they had to quit from the band. Some of our friends helped us out by jumping in and playing on a tour and at a recording session. But when we recorded our new album  ‘TEARS’, our bass player decided to leave the band. That was a shock, because everything was going pretty well between us, we had lots of plans for the future, etc… So after 3 or 4 line-up changes, we decided that we’ll be a three piece band or nothing. We are patient now and practice as much as we can, because i have to play the bass and do the  vocals as well. But everything is going very well.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Hm… I dunno really. We like and listen to every kind of music and genres. Our drummer specially likes classical music. He went to a Hans Zimmer concert when he and he’s orchestra was in Budapest, haha. But if i have to mention few bands that we like… Trap Them, Fall of Efrafa, APMD, etc.

How would you define your sound?

Huh.. It’s always hard to speak about your own… So i can’t.

This August you released your new ep ‘’Tears’’. How did the recording sessions go ?

We recorded 5 songs in our hometown, Pécs in a puppet-theather’s basement. Samu Csernák did the recording stuff and then Tytus from Unquiet Records sent the raw mix to Haldor, Satanic Audio for the mix and master works.

Any particular concept behind ‘’Tears’’ you would like to discuss?

There is no concept… We always try to react on whatever bothers us, what happens around us. The ‘migrant-crisis’ is a hard situation nowadays. Everyone has an opinion, so do we. The first two songs from the album are about this situation. We don’t need and we refuse the hate campaign that the hungarian government generates.
I don’t want to talk too much about our lyrics. If someone is interested then he can read them… And i hope after a gig we’ll be talking about that. Or about other topics… This should be the essence of our ‘scene’.

What inspires you the most?

Touring, playing gigs, meeting with old and new dudes on the roads. Being together, talking before and after the gigs. Meeting and talking to people who are similar to us. These things inspire us a lot.

What are you listening to these days?

I listen to everything that gives me feelings. It always depends on my mood.

Any live shows planned for this year?

Yeah. We want to play as much shows as we can. We have to promote ‘Tears’. And we aim  to go on tour around march or april, 2017.

What does the future hold for Cvlt of Grace?

Hm… We’ll see. Writing new songs, tours, making friendships.