Dead on Parole – Μυρωδιά Θανάτου

Dead on Parole is a crust punk band from Athens Greece. This June they released their debut, full length album ”Μυρωδιά Θανάτου”. The title is greek for ”Scent of Death”. Eight songs are included in this album. So let’s see what we’ ve got here. The album starts with a kick-ass d-beat/hardcore punk song called ”Ύαινα” to be followed by another excellent trck called ”Retaliation never felt so good”. I loved its raw, old school vibe. ”Space Monkey” is heavy as hell. Definitely one of this album’s best tracks. ”Fallout” is another nice track with an epic guitar solo at its end. But wait, there’s more. I ‘m talking of course about ”Leechkrieg”. This is one of the tracks i focused the most. Why? Because it is simply an awesome song. I consider ”Κρίνος” to be one of my favorite tracks from this album. This is an absolutely heavy, raw and relentless track and that’s hands down. Perhaps most people are going to name ”Θρασυδειλία” their favorite song from this album. Personally i can’t really say. But i’ll tell you what i think. Songs like ”Θρασυδειλία” and ”Μυρωδιά Θανάτου” should be played loud. Dead on Parole’s first album is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. It sounds fresh as it sounds inspired. I loved it, i rocked it, i’m definitely down with it therefore i would like to recommend it. Here are two links where you can also listen to ”Μυρωδιά Θανάτου”:


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