Lambs – Betrayed from birth

Lambs is a blackened hardcore, four piece band formed in 2013 in Cesena, Italy. Their new album ”Betrayed from Birth” was released on the 16th of July through Unquiet Records. These four italians introduce themselves to us with three kick-ass songs. Three songs that combine a lot of energy, cold black metal and hardcore. First track is called ”Fear is your key”. We’ re talking about some exquisite black metal. Right now all i can think of is ”Ok you’ ve got my attention now. Let’s see what you’ ve got”. ”You will follow me down” is the album’s second track. I’m down with this track as well. I like how they’ ve mixed dark, chaotic hardcore with these sharp black metal riffs. Last but not least you’ ll find ”And your time will be collapsed”. Perhaps a little bit more sludgy than the previous songs, it’s heavy as hell and it also my favorite track from this album. Well, my only complain is that i wanted to listen to more songs from this band. I’m definitely eager to check out more of their stuff. Here are two links where you can also listen to ”Betrayed from Birth”:


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