The Good, the Bad & the Queen – The Good, the Bad & the Queen

It is 2007. For many people, nu metal has become a distant memory. Nevertheless, Chester Bennington and Linkin Park are fighting hard to keep metal alive. Were they the ones who achieved to keep metal alive? Many people doubt about it. We’ re going to discuss this another time. The thing is, nine years ago Damon Albarn and his friends released a highly underestimated album.

This band commonly reffered to as The Good, The Bad & The Queen, or the band without a name, featured band members like Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Tony Allen and Simon Tong. So yes , it was a supergroup. Unfortunatelly they released only one album.

As it has already been mentioned ”The Good, the Bad and the Queen” was released back in 2007. I still remember downloading this album. It was a time where in most cases you needed about an hour to download an album. Didn’t really know what to expect. I had decided to check it out just out of plain curiosity. I think i didn’t really waste my time with this album. Here you can find twelve, excellent songs. Perhaps that’s how Gorillaz would sound if they had taken a more ”alternative” path if you will. It is definitely not the merriest music one can find. Some songs though are far too good to be forgotten. Songs like ”Herculean”, ”Green Fields” and ”Behind the Sun”.

This album is what i like to call personal music. It’s not exactly the kind of music you want to listen with your friends. Or then again it is. Personally, sometimes when i want to relax i just listen to this album. In my opinion ”The Good, the Bad and the Queen” has not received enough credit. Check out this link: (


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