Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows

Lately so many people have been talking about Inter Arma and their new album. To be perfectly honest, until recently i completely ignored the existence of this band and when people kept mentioning this name, as stupid as it may seem, i thought they were talking about F.C Inter or something like that. But as i’ve found out i couldn’t be more wrong. This is definitely not about football. This five piece band was founded in Richmond, Virginia back in 2006. ”Paradise Gallows”, which was released on the 8th of July, is their new album.

So, be prepared. Nine tracks await for you here. Don’t ask of me to describe their sound or to classify them as sludge or doom/ black metal. That would be perhaps really wrong to do. And that’s because there’s a lot of things going on here. The album begins with ”Nomini”. It’s a great intro for this album and i think it sets the tone for what’s going to follow. Listening to ”An Archer in the Emptiness” only one thing could come to mind: ”That’s heavy, really heavy!”. Here you’ll find nothing less than brutal, exquisite music. I could describe ”Transfiguration” as a sonic punch. That’s how i felt the first time i listened to this song. Death metal, black metal and so many other things like inspiration combine to produce a song that can only be described as immense or overwhelming if you will. ”Primordial Wound” sounds more like a mass or a ritual that’s taking place in your soundsystem. ”The Summer Drones” is another great song. It’s one of my favorites from this album. We’ re talking about pure dopeness ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to perceive of ”Potomac” as a song that connects the first part with the second part of ”Paradise Gallows”. I’m definitely down with this track. It sure as hell works for me. And then ”The Paradise Gallows” came. Hands down, this is one excellent atmospheric song. Have no doubt, here you won’t find a bad or a mediocre song. Just listen to these tracks and find out for yourselves. ”Violent Constellations” unleash stellar powers that will keep you bound to their  majestic chariot for a long time. When the earth meets the sky then we will meet again. This is not a goodbye.

”Paradise Gallows” is an awesome album. And that’s hands down. It’s probably one of the best albums i’ve heard in months. It is also a strong candidacy for album of the year. We do not have a grading scale here but if we had one it would be a 9 or 9,5 out of 10. So, yes it’s definitely recommended. Check out these links:


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