Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Today i’d like to present to you what i consider to be a classic album. Many people, including myself, believe that ”Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” is one of the best metal albums ever released. This masterpiece was released thirty years ago and it has inspired, or if you will still inspiring, a lot of bands.

I still remember the first time i listened to this album. I think i was in high school. I was at a friend’s house and we were playing video games. He was older than me and he also had a huge collection of cd’s. I asked him for something good to listen. He then came up with Candlemass’ debut album. ”Listen to Candlemass, it’s gonna change your life”. In the beginning i thought he was exaggerating because he was one of those guys who took too much pride in his music. But then again i thought ”Why not?”. So i decided to give it a listen.

It was a decision not to be regreted. This album was nothing like i’ve heard before. It was as if a door opened to uncharted territories, places i had never visited in the past. This enchanting music was calling me to enter a dark, obscure world were sorcerers, demons and other creatures were dwelling. And that’s what i did. So many years have passed and i’m still listening to this album. I still love Johan Längquist’s vocals. Messiah Marcolin has of course a great voice. No one can deny that. Nevertheless i prefer Längquist’s voice. Yes, i said it. Perhaps the vast majority of die hard Candlemass fans is going to disagree with me but that’s how i feel. As for the album’s songs, what can one say about these magnificent songs? There is no doubt that Leif Edling wrote some exceptional music. This music will definitely not be forgotten no matter how many years pass. Ladies and gentlemen here you’ ll find some great riffs and great basslines as well as incredile guitar solos. This album is like a great saga. Never before had a title of an album described so accurately what’s going on in this record.

If you still haven’t listened to this album, just do it and witness greatness. A thousand years of midnight, the sunrise is gone.


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