Korsikov – Korsikov

korsikv CD layout final
Korsikov is a three piece band that came into existence back in 2005. ”Korsikov” ep, which was released this June, is their debut release. It was recorded live and mixed from July to September 2014 by Korsikov and Stavros Georgiopoulos at ΗΧΟΣΤΑΣΙΟ Studio and mastered at Audiosiege Studios in Portland, USA by Brad Boatright. Six tracks are included in this release. The band’s music is a blend of different styles ranging from heavy rock to doom metal and sludge. So yes, it’s really heavy. First song is called ”Kruella” and somebody just flushed the toilette. It’s a nice song but to be honest i’ve heard songs like that in the past over and over again. But what surely made an impression on me is their vocals. The guy who sings has some Lemmy in him. And that’s really cool. Second song is called ”Pariah”. First time i heard it i was like ”ok now we’re talking”. This song is groovy and heavy as hell. Personally i loved it. ”Rolling Stoned” is more of a doom/ sludge song and it is also totally worthy of your attention. Rest assure you’ll find tons of groove here as well. Is this the album’s best track? In my opinion, yes it is. I found my self headbanging while listening to ”22:03”. I think it was a weird but gratifying experience. It was as if i was getting high on music. But that’s really something, right? ”Baka” is the album’s last song. Hands down, it’s an excellent outro with some epic lyrics! Overall i have to say i enjoyed this album. To me it sounds fresh, inspired and loud. Therefore i wish to recommend it. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Korsikov”:


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