Thrawsunblat – Metachthonia

Thrawsunblat is a four piece, black metal band from Canada. Their latest album ”Metachthonia” was released on the 17th of June. Metachthonia is ancient Greek for “the age after that of the Earth,” referring to today’s modern world. Personally i speak greek and i had no idea that such a word ever existed. If you want to refer to today’s modern world you can just use words like kairos (καιρός) or nyn (νυν). But i’m down with Metachthonia as well. It seems that someone did some serious research.

So let us all gather, epichthonioi and ypochthonioi, and listen to ”Metachthonia”. Six songs are included in this album. The band’s music is a blend of Black metal, heavy metal and some folk. First song is called ”Fires that light the earth”. An intriguing song one could say with some nice riffs. ”She who names the stars” is the album’s next song. When the gods (chthonioi theoi) transformed Castor and Polyx into stars they then named all the other stars. Third song is called ”Dead of Winter” and i think that fans of old Ulver and Enslaved are gonna like this one. ”Hypochthonic Remnants” is another song of good ol’ heavy black metal. Cool song but i’ve heard stuff like that in the past. Same goes for the last two songs of this album.

Personally i neither hated nor loved this album. I was expecting something more dark if you will. I mean some songs sounded perhaps too merry for me. When i think of raw, folk black metal i tend to think of something like Isengard’s Høstmørke and Metachthonia wasn’t exactly that. But that is just one man’s opinion. It’s not necessarily the right one. Below this text you can find two links where you can also listen to ”Metachthonia”. Have you already heard this album? What do you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.


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