The ultimate survival guide for man’s worst enemy: himself


“Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl

There is no arguing who is man’s worst enemy, it is his own mind.

We as human beings limit ourselves and perform under our full potentials.  We are self destructive.  We do not do this on purpose, it is our nature.  And because of this we are also capable of miracles and wonders.  It is the way of keeping balance.

So, the one thing that manages this balance is our mind and the way we use it.  I am not talking about using it for good or bad, I am talking about the methodology that lies beneath the result that is produced.

Viktor Frankl was one of the few that survived the concentration camps during World War II.  He did not only survive, he also used the knowledge acquired during his three year prisoning to extract results on how the human mentality works.  He identifies the turning point of a man’s mind, the point that determines his death or his survival.

Reading “Man’s search for meaning” gives you insight on how to survive any circumstances that may come your way, how to overcome them and even benefit from them.  It is not an easy process and it is not an easy book.

If you are restless and in constant search of self improvement, DO read this book, it will provide the back door to your most important asset in life, your mind.



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