Morrow – Covenant of Teeth

This album got me thinking about stuff. How do we treat other people or even ourselves? How much do we honestly try to improve ourselves? And what about the planet, our home? Why have we been so self destructive? Is it too late to reverse this world’s demise? I’m afraid i don’t have the answers. But i’ll tell you what: today we have some exquisite music for you.

Morrow is a neocrust band from the U.K. ”Covenant of Teeth, which was released on the 8th of April, is their debut album. Here, once again we find Alex CF (Anopheli, Archivist, Carnist). He is of course responsible for the vocals and the art. I don’t think there’s any doubt about his skills. He is a great illustrator. If you’ ve got the record just take a look at his drawings.

”Covenant of Teeth” is a concept album. We find ourselves in a post apocalyptic world where all the damage that we humans have done to this world is a distant memory. This album is about language and the sharing of ideas, culture and beliefs. As a multilingual person i’ve always believed that the more languages you learn the richer you become. But let’s get into character. Four songs are included in this album. It starts with ”Fathom” and all i can say is i’m starting to feel the magic. A new, distant world stands in front of me. Awesome melodies come out of my soundsystem. ”The Norr” is one of the tribes that dwell in this world. Check out this song and listen to their story. ”Forgiving Grin” is another great song. Melodic yet immensely heavy. Fall of Efrafa fans are surely going to like this one. The album’s last song is called ”Cleaved Fang”. And may i just say what a great song this is! Personally i loved it. I think this is my favorite track from this album. I mean it’s such an epic track.

”Covenat of Teeth” is an excellent album. I’ ve tried really hard to find a weak moment but that was impossible. This is by all means one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. Don’t try to classify it, just enjoy the music. Check out these links:


Dead on Parole – Μυρωδιά Θανάτου

Dead on Parole is a crust punk band from Athens Greece. This June they released their debut, full length album ”Μυρωδιά Θανάτου”. The title is greek for ”Scent of Death”. Eight songs are included in this album. So let’s see what we’ ve got here. The album starts with a kick-ass d-beat/hardcore punk song called ”Ύαινα” to be followed by another excellent trck called ”Retaliation never felt so good”. I loved its raw, old school vibe. ”Space Monkey” is heavy as hell. Definitely one of this album’s best tracks. ”Fallout” is another nice track with an epic guitar solo at its end. But wait, there’s more. I ‘m talking of course about ”Leechkrieg”. This is one of the tracks i focused the most. Why? Because it is simply an awesome song. I consider ”Κρίνος” to be one of my favorite tracks from this album. This is an absolutely heavy, raw and relentless track and that’s hands down. Perhaps most people are going to name ”Θρασυδειλία” their favorite song from this album. Personally i can’t really say. But i’ll tell you what i think. Songs like ”Θρασυδειλία” and ”Μυρωδιά Θανάτου” should be played loud. Dead on Parole’s first album is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. It sounds fresh as it sounds inspired. I loved it, i rocked it, i’m definitely down with it therefore i would like to recommend it. Here are two links where you can also listen to ”Μυρωδιά Θανάτου”:

Moth’s Circle Flight – My Entropy

Moth’s Circle Flight is a six piece band from Italy. They’ve been in the game since 2003 but their current line up was formed in 2012. The band has also shared the stage with some heavyweights like Sepultura. ”My Entropy” is the band’s second, full length album. It was released on the 1st of March. Ten songs are included in this album. So let us waste no more time. Let’s press play. Let’s hit that button. Their music is a mixture of groove metal and metalcore. It’s edgy as it is heavy. And you can also feel that a certain amount of groove flows through their songs.  I’m talking about songs like ”Late Promises”. This is one of the songs that i personally singled out. Some songs were ok i guess. If you like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall then you’ ll probably like ”An Old Chant” as well. ”Write My Name” is another cool song as well. It is not something you’ ve never heard before in your life but it is definitely a cool song. It also has some nice riffs. Just before i conclude this review let me just say that i enjoyed this album. I didn’t exactly fell in love with it but i certainly had a good time listening to it. Check out these links:

Lambs – Betrayed from birth

Lambs is a blackened hardcore, four piece band formed in 2013 in Cesena, Italy. Their new album ”Betrayed from Birth” was released on the 16th of July through Unquiet Records. These four italians introduce themselves to us with three kick-ass songs. Three songs that combine a lot of energy, cold black metal and hardcore. First track is called ”Fear is your key”. We’ re talking about some exquisite black metal. Right now all i can think of is ”Ok you’ ve got my attention now. Let’s see what you’ ve got”. ”You will follow me down” is the album’s second track. I’m down with this track as well. I like how they’ ve mixed dark, chaotic hardcore with these sharp black metal riffs. Last but not least you’ ll find ”And your time will be collapsed”. Perhaps a little bit more sludgy than the previous songs, it’s heavy as hell and it also my favorite track from this album. Well, my only complain is that i wanted to listen to more songs from this band. I’m definitely eager to check out more of their stuff. Here are two links where you can also listen to ”Betrayed from Birth”:

The Good, the Bad & the Queen – The Good, the Bad & the Queen

It is 2007. For many people, nu metal has become a distant memory. Nevertheless, Chester Bennington and Linkin Park are fighting hard to keep metal alive. Were they the ones who achieved to keep metal alive? Many people doubt about it. We’ re going to discuss this another time. The thing is, nine years ago Damon Albarn and his friends released a highly underestimated album.

This band commonly reffered to as The Good, The Bad & The Queen, or the band without a name, featured band members like Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Tony Allen and Simon Tong. So yes , it was a supergroup. Unfortunatelly they released only one album.

As it has already been mentioned ”The Good, the Bad and the Queen” was released back in 2007. I still remember downloading this album. It was a time where in most cases you needed about an hour to download an album. Didn’t really know what to expect. I had decided to check it out just out of plain curiosity. I think i didn’t really waste my time with this album. Here you can find twelve, excellent songs. Perhaps that’s how Gorillaz would sound if they had taken a more ”alternative” path if you will. It is definitely not the merriest music one can find. Some songs though are far too good to be forgotten. Songs like ”Herculean”, ”Green Fields” and ”Behind the Sun”.

This album is what i like to call personal music. It’s not exactly the kind of music you want to listen with your friends. Or then again it is. Personally, sometimes when i want to relax i just listen to this album. In my opinion ”The Good, the Bad and the Queen” has not received enough credit. Check out this link: (

Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows

Lately so many people have been talking about Inter Arma and their new album. To be perfectly honest, until recently i completely ignored the existence of this band and when people kept mentioning this name, as stupid as it may seem, i thought they were talking about F.C Inter or something like that. But as i’ve found out i couldn’t be more wrong. This is definitely not about football. This five piece band was founded in Richmond, Virginia back in 2006. ”Paradise Gallows”, which was released on the 8th of July, is their new album.

So, be prepared. Nine tracks await for you here. Don’t ask of me to describe their sound or to classify them as sludge or doom/ black metal. That would be perhaps really wrong to do. And that’s because there’s a lot of things going on here. The album begins with ”Nomini”. It’s a great intro for this album and i think it sets the tone for what’s going to follow. Listening to ”An Archer in the Emptiness” only one thing could come to mind: ”That’s heavy, really heavy!”. Here you’ll find nothing less than brutal, exquisite music. I could describe ”Transfiguration” as a sonic punch. That’s how i felt the first time i listened to this song. Death metal, black metal and so many other things like inspiration combine to produce a song that can only be described as immense or overwhelming if you will. ”Primordial Wound” sounds more like a mass or a ritual that’s taking place in your soundsystem. ”The Summer Drones” is another great song. It’s one of my favorites from this album. We’ re talking about pure dopeness ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to perceive of ”Potomac” as a song that connects the first part with the second part of ”Paradise Gallows”. I’m definitely down with this track. It sure as hell works for me. And then ”The Paradise Gallows” came. Hands down, this is one excellent atmospheric song. Have no doubt, here you won’t find a bad or a mediocre song. Just listen to these tracks and find out for yourselves. ”Violent Constellations” unleash stellar powers that will keep you bound to their  majestic chariot for a long time. When the earth meets the sky then we will meet again. This is not a goodbye.

”Paradise Gallows” is an awesome album. And that’s hands down. It’s probably one of the best albums i’ve heard in months. It is also a strong candidacy for album of the year. We do not have a grading scale here but if we had one it would be a 9 or 9,5 out of 10. So, yes it’s definitely recommended. Check out these links:

Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Today i’d like to present to you what i consider to be a classic album. Many people, including myself, believe that ”Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” is one of the best metal albums ever released. This masterpiece was released thirty years ago and it has inspired, or if you will still inspiring, a lot of bands.

I still remember the first time i listened to this album. I think i was in high school. I was at a friend’s house and we were playing video games. He was older than me and he also had a huge collection of cd’s. I asked him for something good to listen. He then came up with Candlemass’ debut album. ”Listen to Candlemass, it’s gonna change your life”. In the beginning i thought he was exaggerating because he was one of those guys who took too much pride in his music. But then again i thought ”Why not?”. So i decided to give it a listen.

It was a decision not to be regreted. This album was nothing like i’ve heard before. It was as if a door opened to uncharted territories, places i had never visited in the past. This enchanting music was calling me to enter a dark, obscure world were sorcerers, demons and other creatures were dwelling. And that’s what i did. So many years have passed and i’m still listening to this album. I still love Johan Längquist’s vocals. Messiah Marcolin has of course a great voice. No one can deny that. Nevertheless i prefer Längquist’s voice. Yes, i said it. Perhaps the vast majority of die hard Candlemass fans is going to disagree with me but that’s how i feel. As for the album’s songs, what can one say about these magnificent songs? There is no doubt that Leif Edling wrote some exceptional music. This music will definitely not be forgotten no matter how many years pass. Ladies and gentlemen here you’ ll find some great riffs and great basslines as well as incredile guitar solos. This album is like a great saga. Never before had a title of an album described so accurately what’s going on in this record.

If you still haven’t listened to this album, just do it and witness greatness. A thousand years of midnight, the sunrise is gone.