Sadhus/ Agnes Vein – Split 7′

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is time for another review. We also have great news for you. Sadhus (The Smoking Community) and the almighty Agnes Vein are back and this time they join forces to release this split album. Through this page we have already talked about these two bands and their excellent full length albums ”Sadhus (The Smoking Community)” and ”Soulship”. Personally i’m a fan of both bands and to tell you the truth i couldn’t be happier when i found out that this collaboration came to be. So let us waste no more time here. Each band here contriutes with one song. First song is called ”Abduction” and it comes from Sadhus. We’ re talking about nearly six minutes of heaviness brougt to you by a band who knows how to deliver. They’ve done it before and they did it here once again. ”Abduction” incorporates all these elements you like in this music called by many as sludge. Massive riffs, concrete basslines and awesome vocals. Agnes Vein contribute with ”Voice to the Void”. This is without a shadow of a doubt, a great song. First time i listened to it i was like ”What the fuck just happened?”. This song is a perfect blend of black metal and doom. It is beyond dark and heavy as a sledgehammer. Listen to these two songs and find out for yourselves. As for me, i enjoyed both songs therefore i would like to recommend this album which comes out on the 30th of June. Check out these links:


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