Denominate – Those who beheld the end

Denominate is a progressive, death metal band from Oulu, Finland. The band consists of five members. Their new album ”Those who beheld the end” will be released on the 5th of August via Inverse records. Never before had i heard of Denominate in the past. So i’m what you might call, a newcomer to this band. So let’s check out this album. Let’s see what we’ ve got here. First thing that made an impression on me is the album’s production. Soundwise i have nothing negative to say about this album whatsoever. O.k, there are seven tracks in this album. As it has already been said progressive death metal is the case here, filled with some bone crushing riffs, nice guitar solos and old school, death metal growls. Lyrically the band is more into dark, occult stuff. I liked all of their songs except for ”Torments of Silence”. It starts with an exciting intro but to be honest from a certain point i gradually started losing interest. If someone asked me which song is my favorite one from this album then i would have to pick between the first four songs and ”Terrestrial Funeral” which is the album’s last song. And my choice would finally be ”The Demented Scholar of Abatos”. Personally, yes, i dig this song. Apart from that, i think that these guys from Finland know their craft and presented us with and album of good ol’ death metal. In my opinion they certainly delivered. Check out these links:


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