Sarabante – Poisonous Legacy

It’s a beautiful sunday morning and i’m listening to the new Sarabante album. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, finally a new Sarabante album. For those of you unaware let me state that Sarabante is a crust/ hardcore punk band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2006. During the summer of 2011, they released their first album “Remnants”. We have already talked aboud Remnants. It definitely was a killer album including some awesome songs like ”Do you feel safe?”.

”Poisonous Legacy” is the band’s new, long anticipated, full length album. Twelve songs are included in this album. First thing noticed is the album’s production. I think it’s great, perhaps even better than the one at ”Remnants”. Their lyrics remain dark and a bit nihilistic. Musically their raw, heavy, d-beat, crust punk leaves you really with no choice but to listen to this album again and again. I’ve actually heard one song from this album before. Back in 2014 i saw them live in Kaisariani. There they played ”Mass Grave”. An excellent song no doubt and in my opinion one of this album’s best songs. If you’ re a Sarabante fan you’ll find it a bit difficult to single one song out. The main reason is that all songs are what someone would simply call good written songs. ”Poisonous Legacy” also gave me the impression of a concept album. So what i really got is that everything fell into place. Every song is part of a story. The thing is you must listen to this album from top to bottom. This may be a bit of a cliche line but i feel that there is no other way. Listen to songs like ”Ισόβιος Φόβος” (lifetime fear) and ”αιώνια πληγή” (eternal scar) and just embrace the fact that you won’t be listening to anything else for a long time. Exaggerating perhaps? Check out ”Mass Grave”:

Is ”Poisonous Legacy” one of this year’s best albums? I think it is. With ”Remnants” these guys raised the bar on themselves. And with ”Poisonous Legacy” they certainly delivered. Did they live up to our expectations? Oh yes sir, they did. This album is strongly recommended for fans of Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Victims, Skitsystem. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed above do yourself a favor and listen to ”Poisonous Legacy”. Check out these links:


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