Remote – Resilient

O.k so it is time for a new review. Let’s see what we’ ve got here. A few weeks ago, a good friend of our blog was kind enough to recommend us a band that personally i’ve never heard of before. Remote is a four piece band from Paris, France. On March 30 they released their new, full length album called ”Resilient”. You can find twelve tracks in this album. The band’s music is an exciting blend of mathcore, sludge and extreme metal. It’s no big secret that we like this kind of stuff here in Tzertzelos. Before pressing play i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The thing is though, from the very first second i quickly came to realize that these guys aren’t messin’ at all. There is no doubt that their music is of course beyond heavy. It is also filled with sharp riffs and concrete, massive basslines. In my opinion ”Resilient” can easily be described as versatile and influenced. Just listen to this album and find out for yourselves. And be sure to listen to this album from top to bottom. Don’t do random pickings. I can’t help but comment on this though: ”The Clearest Horizon” is one beast of a song! And i think that Converge fans are gonna love it. As for me, i only wish to say that i enjoyed this album. Therefore i would like to recommend it. ”Resilient” can easily get an 8,5 out of 10. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Resilient”:


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