Gravitsapa – Demo-2

It’s finally Friday. Time to chill and listen to some music. Today we have some experimental stuff for you. Let me explain. Gravitsapa is a four piece band from Lviv, Ukraine. Their music is a blend of different styles. Should we call it avantgarde or experimental? You could name this experimetal avantgarde and you would again be right. Or perhaps not. I’m not that sure. This may, the band released their third full length album. Their new release is called ”Demo-2”. It’s not a demo though but a full length album.

First of all, let me state that twelve tracks are included in this album. Due to the album’s versatile nature, i think it’s rather difficult to classify it. That would perhaps be disrespectful and unfair to this dadaistic entity. In my opinion ”Demo-2” stands out for many reasons. Well, it sounds totally inspired. In my opinion it is an album that experimentation flows throughout these songs. It’s as if these guys gathered one day and said ”you know what? We’ re gonna jam and enjoy this as much as we can”. And in a sense i think that’s what they did. ”Demo-2” and its dark punk songs, well without being really punk, may not seem to you so attractive in the beginning. You must let this album grow on you. Rest assure it is a journey worth taking. And each time you’ ll be listening to it you’ ll have the pleasure of discovering many exciting new things. Things like a lot of jazzy parts that were totally unexpected but again totally welcome.

The question i should ask myself is ”do i like this album?”. And the answer is yes. I loved it. I rocked, i’m totally down with it. Therefore i wish to recommend it. ”Demo-2” is seriously good. To be honest i haven’t heard any of their previous albums. Nevertheless there’s no doubt in my mind that their lastest album is great. It is definitely recommended for fans of Einstuerzende Neubauten, Bauhaus, Tricot and Kooba Tercu. Check out these links:


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