Live shows to attend in July

  • U.K

< Raging Speedhorn U.K Tour

Raging Speedhorn are back with a new album and this July they’ re going to tour the U.K. Tour starts on July 15 and ends on July 23. Check out these links:

Raging Speedhorn – Lost Ritual Tour 2016 ,


Cloud live in Brighton

Links for this event:

  • Netherlands

< Centuries, Wrong and Gewoon Fucking Raggen Live in Amsterdam on July 12th

This July, Centuries and Wrong will be touring Europe. On July 12 they’ re going to play live in Amsterdam. Link:

Event on facebook , Centuries_bandcamp


The Brian Jonestown Massacre live in Amsterdam

Links for this event:

Mwlkweg_Amsterdam , ,

  • Greece

< Hardcore punk live in Athens

Antidrasi, Ασφυξία, Καταχνιά, Το Μίασμα, Indico, Last Days of S.E.X live in Athens. Check this out:

Event on facebook , Kataxnia_bandcamp


< New Long Festival 2016

A Festival you can’t afford to miss. Link:

Event on facebook ,

  • Sweden

Black Breath live in Stockholm on July 3

Check this out:

Event on facebook , Black Breath on bandcamp

  • European Tour

< Sumac & Mamiffer european tour 2016

Sumac to tour Europe along with Mamiffer.

Sumac on facebook , Sumac on bandcamp


< Destruction Unit european tour 2016

Destruction Unit on facebook , Destruction Unit on bandcamp

  • Italy

Black Mountain live in Rome on the 4th of july

Here’s your link for this event:

Event on facebook , Black Mountain on bandcamp

  • Estonia

Rotting Christ live in Estonia on the 10th of july

link to the event ,


Tzertzelos tracker

punk final

Hello, everyone. The last days we were working on something different. Introducing Tzertzelos tracker. What we’ re about to do is to introduce a new feature where we’ re going to track some of our favorite bands. And then we’ re simply going to recommend some live shows that ,in our opinion, you can not afford to miss. It is not going to be only about one city but we will include various cities. We will launch this new feature on July. So stay tuned. We will keep you posted.

Karcavul – Intersaone

A beast rose from its lair. A place unknown to mortals where evil lurks and no life dwells. The demon made his presence known. His name known to only but a few and yet untold. Karcavul stormed in with blazing eyes, determined to take what’s his. No mercy could be shown to those who questioned him. No, it couldn’t be done in a different way. Dark and murky are the days ahead of us.

Korgonthurus – Vuohen Siunaus

Korgonthurus is a finnish, black metal band led by legendary ex Horna frontman Corvus. I’ve listened to Horna in the past but never before to this band. ”Vuohen Siunaus” is their second, full length album. It was released on the 27th of May through Woodcut Records. Seven tracks await for you here. All lyrics are written in finnish so i can’t really help you on that for i do not speak this language. I’m not 100% sure but according to the internet the album’s title means ”Goat’s Blessing”. Even if you don’t speak the language though it becomes clear to you that their lyrics deal with occult and dark matters. The band’s music is of course black metal of the purest form. It’s raw as hell as it is obscene and brutal. If you’ re a black metal fan you really can’t go wrong with this. Here you’ ll find all these elements that make this music lovable to so many people including excellent vocals, devilish riffs and soundscapes from the deepest pits of hell. As for me i’m definitely down with this album therefore i would like to recommend it. Check out these links:

Merkabah – Moloch

My friend Kaze recently went to the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. He had a great time but also he had the opportunity of checking out many bands. One of the bands he singled out is Merkabah from Poland. So he recommend them to me, adding that i should definitely check out their latest album. Thus i did.

For the record let’s just say that Merkabah is a five piece band from Poland. The band came into existence back in 2007. ”Moloch” which is their latest, full length release was released back in 2014. This album consists of eight songs. ”Moloch” sounds like an orgiastic, jazzy feast. Our journey to disharmonic yet fascinating soundscapes starts with ”Reed Idol”, namely the album’s first song. Here you get a first taste of what it takes to reach Moloch. Moving on we find ”Hilasterion”. What a song this is! I could imagine this as soundtrack to a bacchic ceremeony or something like that. But wait, there’s even more. You  should also check out part 2. ‘The King” gave me the chills. It’s pretty damn heavy as it is an incredibly massive song. Have the courage to enjoy and experience this enchanting fusion of sounds. It is nothing but a hymn to daily pleasures and desires. ”Lille Vies Ager” showed me one thing. When these guys were writing this song, creativity and inspiration were overflowing.

I was not sure what to expect with this band. Surely though the man who recommended me Merkabah was right. ”Moloch” is a great album and all i can say is i can’t wait to listen to this album again. I think the quintet from Warsaw delivered  and they sure as hell made a fan out of me. Before i conclude this review i would also like to recommend this album. Here is a link where you can listen to ”Moloch”:

Sadhus/ Agnes Vein – Split 7′

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is time for another review. We also have great news for you. Sadhus (The Smoking Community) and the almighty Agnes Vein are back and this time they join forces to release this split album. Through this page we have already talked about these two bands and their excellent full length albums ”Sadhus (The Smoking Community)” and ”Soulship”. Personally i’m a fan of both bands and to tell you the truth i couldn’t be happier when i found out that this collaboration came to be. So let us waste no more time here. Each band here contriutes with one song. First song is called ”Abduction” and it comes from Sadhus. We’ re talking about nearly six minutes of heaviness brougt to you by a band who knows how to deliver. They’ve done it before and they did it here once again. ”Abduction” incorporates all these elements you like in this music called by many as sludge. Massive riffs, concrete basslines and awesome vocals. Agnes Vein contribute with ”Voice to the Void”. This is without a shadow of a doubt, a great song. First time i listened to it i was like ”What the fuck just happened?”. This song is a perfect blend of black metal and doom. It is beyond dark and heavy as a sledgehammer. Listen to these two songs and find out for yourselves. As for me, i enjoyed both songs therefore i would like to recommend this album which comes out on the 30th of June. Check out these links: