My top 10 favorite Rotting Christ songs

Rotting Christ is one of my favorite bands. They surely have too many great songs. Today i’m going to make a list of what i think is their top ten songs. So here goes:

Number 1 : The forest of N Gai

 Here’s one classic song from ”Passage to Arcturo” ep.

Number 2 : Archon

There can be no Rotting Christ list without this song.

Number 3 : Mephesis of Black Crystal

This is my second favorite track from ”Non Seviam” Lp.

Number 4 : Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son

And here is my all time favorite song from Non Serviam. I think this song speaks for itself. An epic, dark masterpiece

Number 5 : Exiled Archangels

Is this the best song Rotting Christ ever written? Some say it is. Personally i’m not sure. One thing is for sure. It is a great song.

Number 6 : Among Two Storms

Many die hard fans don’t like the ”A Dead Poem” Lp. Personally i disagree with them. It’s a great album with many great songs.

Number 7 : The Mystical Meeting

Have a taste of early Rotting Christ with a raw, obscure masterpiece.

Number 8 : In Yumen/ Xibalba

Intense, dark and heavy as shit

Number 9 : The Old Coffin Spirit

Another from ”Passage to Arcturo” ep.

Number 10 : Transform All Suffering Into Plagues

I kept this killer song for the end. Just turn up the volume and listen to these ten songs.


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