Misteyes – Creeping Time

Creeping Time - Front Cover Artwork
Well, my cofee is finally ready. This means it’s time for a new review. Let’s see what we’ ve got here. Misteyes is a dark metal band from Turin, Italy. The band came into existence back in 2012. ”Creeping Time” Lp, which was released on the 8th of April, is their debut, full length album.

Twelve tracks are included in this album. Judging from the album’s tracklist i think we’ re dealing with a concept album. The band’s music is a combination of symphonic black metal, death metal and atmospheric metal. I would like to call it a rock opera, divided into twelve parts. My first impression is that the band’s music can be described as intriguing to say the least. There’s a feeling of a continuity throughout the tracks. In my opinion here everything felt into place. I mean everything seems to fit. Death metal vocals, operetic female vocals, riffs, everything. It’s as if you’ re listening to a well conducted orchestra. Each song tells a story of its own. Stories about times long gone and stories about what time might bring. You’ ll find many nice songs here. Personally, if i should pick a favorite one that would have to be ”Brains in a Vat”. I really dig that song. Rest assure though you’ ll find many interesting stuff here. Stuff like really good written songs. Every time you’ ll be listening to this album you’ ll be descovering new things.

Overall i think the band delivered. Personally, i’m not the biggest fan of dark metal but i have to admit that ”Creeping Time” is a really good album. I’d easily give it an 8 out of 10. Strongly recommended for fans of Septic Flesh. Check out these links:


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