Leather Glove – Skin On Glass

Leather Glove is a one man death/sludge metal band from the United States. Greg Wilkinson is the man behind this new band. This month he releases his first demo as Leather Glove, called ”Skin on Glass”. This demo was entirely written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Greg. So, this pretty much is the definition of a one man band. O.k he didn’t do the artwork but he did everything else by himself. You can find three tracks in this demo. These three tracks form an album that can only be described as raw and brutal. Leather Glove’s music is a combination of brutal, death metal and sludge. First track is called ”Skin on Glass”. It’s a cool song no doubt. ”Rods of Steel” is the album’s next song and it’s ok by me. I mean, i’ve heard stuff like that in the past. Last but not least we have ”Conduit to Misery”. This is the track i liked the most. It’s heavy as fuck and there’s also some good ol’ blastbeats here. This song made me feel uncomfortable in my seat. It was like a close encounter with a demonic figure in a living nightmare. But apart from that song, this demo didn’t really enthuse me. I neither hated it or loved it. Keep in mind though that it is just one man’s opinion. Check out the link below:


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