Plebeian Grandstand – False Highs, True Lows

True Lows. The more i’m listening to this album the more i’m getting deeper into a chaotic abyss. A black hole which devours everything. Even light can’t escape. Abyssmal forces reign over all types of matter.

Over the years black metal has evolved. And make no mistake, it is still evolving. Artists throughout the world have reshaped it, deconstruct it and then reconstruct it, producing some albums that can now be called as classics. Personally, this continuous experimentation excites me a lot. Sometimes it is impossible to predict what artists will come up with.

Plebeian Grandstand is not your typical black metal band. Believe me, it’s not. The first album i heard from them was Lowgazersnamely their previous album. That album was pure gold. It revealed to me a band that was creative, inspired and with a will to take things to another level. For the record let’s just say that Plebeian Grandstand is a black metal band, formed in Toulouse, France back in 2005.

This month they released their new, full length album called ”False Highs, True Lows”. You can find eight songs inside this album. What we have here is a blend of mainly black metal, hardcore and some noise ambient. In my opinion this album is the definition of cold sound as it was shaped back in late 90’s and early 00’s. Remember albums like ”Thorns”, ”Rebel Extravaganza” and ”666 international”? The way i see it, the band from Toulouse filtered this sound and created their own style. In ”False Highs, True Lows” i think they distanced themselves a bit from mathcore, moving even closer to black metal. You’ ll find no comfort here. Only eight nihilistic hymns. Prepare thy self to get lost in some grim and eerie soundscapes. Forget everything you know and just experience this album.

”False Highs, True Lows” is an excellent album and probably one of the best albums i’ ve listened to in months. Black metal fans dig in:


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