Necrot – The Labyrinth

Today is going to be about brutal, death metal. Necrot is a three piece band from the United States. On April they released their new, full length album called ”The Labyrinth”. Eight tracks form an album of good ol’ death metal. You know it’s going to get ugly with an album cover and song titles like that (take for example ”Contagious Pain”). In my opinion, these guys here are not interested in changing the way you think of death metal. But they sure as hell know their craft. ”The Labyrinth” is of course beyond heavy. Find here excrutiating riffs, blastbeats which we all love and awesome death metal growls. Apart from that i have to say this album took me back in the day when this music was the shit. I liked all eight tracks but if i had to pick a favorite one that would have to be either ”Scattered” or ”The Abyss”. Overall i must say i enjoyed this album. I also think if you’ re into death metal you’ re going to enjoy it too. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”The Labyrinth”:


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