Clara Engel – Visitors are allowed one kiss

According to, Clara Engel is an independent, multi-faceted artist and musician based in Toronto, Canada. This april she released her new album called ”Visitors are allowed one kiss”. This album also features many musical guests like Thor Harris and Aidan Baker. You can find five songs here. Her music is rather dark and atmospheric, that’s for sure. There’s a feeling of sweet melancholy throughout her songs. Nevertheless there’s one thing here that no one can deny. Clara has some serious vocal skills. She has a beautiful voice. First track is called ”Swans”. It’s an interesting track no doubt. It’s like an entry to a thorny, mystical pathway. ”Uneasy Spirit” is more of a country, folkish song if you will. ”Swallow me” is perhaps the album’s best track. And that’s because Clara’s voice sounds here more enchanting than ever. It’s like a forest elf singing somewhere in the Tolkin cosmos. The thing is we’ re dealing here with five good written songs. To be perfectly honest this music is not exactly my thing but in my opinion it’s definitely good music and worthy of your attention. Below this text you can find some links where you can also listen to ”Visitors are allowed one kiss”. Have you already heard this album? What did you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.


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