10 signs you’ re getting older

Yes, it’s true. We’ re getting older. Here you can find some of these signs. It’s perhaps one of those times where you simply say ”damn, i hadn’t realized that. Facts go in no particular order.

Number 1: ”Master of Puppets” came out thirty years ago

It’s true. It actually came out on March 3, 1986. I mean, think about it. Thirty years. Damn….

Number 2: Many of your favorite bands have decided to call it quits

Unfortunately these things happen. Personally i wish Isis was still around.

Number 3: New bands have emerged but apparently you have no idea.

I don’t know about you, but it happens to me a lot. I mean people talk about their favorite bands and they mention names like Thy art is murder or Asking Alexandria and i’m like ”I’m terribly sorry, i’ ve no idea”.

Number 4: I’ve seen Kobe Bryant getting drafted and then retiring from basketball.

That makes me feel a bit old.

Number 5: In a gig you now prefer siting in the back, or by the bar.

Personally, yes most of the times i now sit in the back.

Number 6: Some of your favorite venues are now closed.

This used to be Rodon club in Athens. Many big heads have played here (Ramones for example). I’ve seen many bands here. Bands like Sepultura, Iced Earth, Dimmu Borgir, Paradise Lost, e.t.c. Now it’s a super market.

Number 7: Some modern expressions make no sense to you.

You know what i’m talking about. Rofl, swag and other stuff like that.

Number 8: You’ re still buying records, when most people nowadays don’t.

Also there aren’t many record stores left.

Number 9: ”When i was a kid, we had no smart phones or internet”

That’s true. Kids these days have these stuff and we have become older.

Number 10: Some statements may shock you.

It happened to me and clearly i didn’t expect it. It happened about a year ago inside the bus.

Random high school kid: ”What are you listening to ?”

Me: ”Slayer”

Random high school kid: ”I’ve heard of this slayer but i’ve never listened to any of his songs”

Me ”……..”


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