Ancst – Moloch

Good afternoon, we’ re back today with another album review. Roadburn 2016 was great and we definitely had a blast. You can check out our facebook page for photos and more info on that. But enough with Roadburn. Let’s get into character. Today we have some exceptional stuff for you, this time from Germany. Ancst is a blackened hardcore band, formed back in 2011 in Berlin. ”Moloch” is their newest release. The album will be released tomorrow via Halo of Flies records.

Ten songs are included in ”Moloch”. Their music is a more than exceptional blend of black metal, hardcore, crust and death metal. Stone cold, black metal riffs are combined with awesome blastbeats and good ol’ hardcore vocals. Once you press play you immediately get the idea. This is going to get ugly. From the very beginning a sonic storm broke out of my soundsystem leaving me literaly with no choice.  I couldn’t do anything but listen to their songs again and again. An overwhelming feeling that made me want to get even deeper into Moloch’s dark cosmos. An offering i had to make to this god. There are ten steps here,ten parts of a ritual that you have to take part. And one thing’s for sure: We’ re talking about ten kick-ass songs. Check them out and see for yourselves.

”Moloch” is an excellent album. For me it’s an 8,5 or 9 out of 10. There’s no doubt in my mind that the band delivered. And definitely they’ ve made a fan out of me. I could easily name this album as album of the month. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Moloch” by Ancst:


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