Interview with Mock the Mankind

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Hello we are Mock the Mankind from Athens, Greece, although we spent most of our time in Piraeus and we play uncomfortable music for comfortable (m)asses. We were formed in late 2012.

What does the name Mock the Mankind represent?

Everything and nothing, really. We liked the sound of it at first but then we realized there are so many different meanings behind it, that each one can have their own.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Food, good music, good vibes and Partsouklis.

In 2015 you released your debut, full length album ‘’Ruination’’. How did the recording sessions go and how has the reception been so far?

It was recorded live within three long days. We had been playing these songs for about a year and a half and it was about time we recorded them. It couldn’t be done any way else but live. Exhausting it may was, the outcome really paid us off, and that is the first thing that we were looking for. To please ourselves first (ok, that sounded bad, but it’s true). The reception has been extraordinary and unexpected and we only heard/read nice words.


Photo captured by Lina Koshka

Name the most embarrassing song you like.

I don’t think there are embarrassing songs or guilty pleasures if you will. Each kind of music has its own time and place. For example, on my cellphone playlist you can find from Amenra to Michael Jackson.

What inspires you the most apart from Mankind’s profound arrogance?

Its mockery.

What are you listening to these days?

Our playlists are full of music of almost every genre so there are too many to mention.

Any live shows planned for this year?

On Saturday April 16 we are really happy to play along with Jakob and Their Methlab. It’s the first time for Jakob to play in Greece and we are really excited to be part of the show. Also, on the next day they will be playing on Roadburn festival and have been handpicked by the great Neurosis themselves. That’s got to mean something, right?
It gives us also great pleasure to announce that on the 13th of May we’ re going to play along with Jucifer and Kalpa in Athens.

Magneto or professor x, and why?

Magneto because he can handle metal.

What does the future hold for Mock the Mankind?

Rehearsals, jams, more jams, lives and new stuff for our next release which will be out someday in this life. Cheers!


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