Interview with Walk Through Fire

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

We started up in 2008. Me and a friend had a project which was some kind of dark, crust punk oriented music in the veins of HIS HERO IS GONE. But one of the demos I did for that project stuck out from the rest and we decided to go a different direction. Long story short – that was the starting point of Walk Through Fire.

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Historically we have been influenced by many bands and artists to get where we are now, but today it’s hard to say if any specific band or artist influence us directly. At least when it comes to the actual music. We’re big fans of BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE, SWANS, ANGELO BADALAMENTI, ARVO PÄRT and much more, but we don’t let everything INTO OUR MUSIC, you know?

How would you define your sound?

First of all I think what is different with our sound compared to other bands in the SLUDGE/DOOM scene, is that we don’t base our music on ”riffs”. We never write shit based on the pentatonic blues scale like a lot of bands in the genre. Instead, we often base our songs on systematic chord progressions and structures, sometimes written on a piano or organ. Very minor chord oriented.

Another important thing for our sound is that we never use effects such as reverbs and delays. A lot of artists hide behind their effects to make things sound bigger and more atmospheric, and sometimes it just feels lazy. Especially on the vocals. Some vocalists can’t scream for shit, so they put a one minute long reverb on it.

In 2014 you released ‘’Hope is Misery’’ Lp. How did the recording sessions go and how has the reception been so far?

We recorded it live in the studio. All except the vocals, which I recorded at a later stage. Mostly because I had a lot of bad shit going on and put myself under a lot of pressure to get the album ”right”. I think I re-wrote some of the lyrics close to a hundred times – changing a line here and a word there, just to change it all back again each twentieth time or something. But I got it right in the end..

The reception has been good. I mean, we know that the music is just annoyingly boring for a lot of people and that’s cool. We’re not that cool sludge band, playing at that cool festival. It’s about feelings. Shitty feelings. I think people who like this album, really listens to it as we do, you know? Maybe they go through their own shit, walk through their own fires. And If so, I hope our music can be an outlet for those feelings, as it is for us.

Any particular concept behind ‘Hope is Misery’’ you would like to discuss?

We tried to create music that was pitch black. And I think we achieved that with ”Hope Is Misery”.

What inspires you the most?

Human suffering.

What are you listening to these days?

Lately I’ve listened a lot to THE CURE albums ”Faith” and ”Seventeen Seconds”. Drony, melancholic, monotone, simple. Other than that it’s the usual mix of metal, punk, hip hop, electronic music…

Any live shows planned for this year?

Only one in the calendar: 7th of May at the NORTHERN DISCOMFORT festival in Copenhagen. But we do have some other shit going on, but we’re not ready to announce anything about that yet..

What does the future hold for Walk Through Fire?

A lot of broken amps and cymbals.


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