Deathspell Omega – Paracletus


A friend of mine asked my opinion about the lastest Deathspell Omega album. Well, dear friend since you liked this album let me just state that my opnion is rather unnecessary. But if you want a review then i’ll give you one.

Dear friend you were right. This album is pretty damn’ good. But let’s begin this review in a more proper way. Deathspell Omega is a black metal band from France. Very little is known about this band and that’s because they retain a rather obscure profile. ”Paracletus” was released back in 2010. You can find ten tracks in this album. These ten tracks form an album of avant garde, dysfunctional black metal. It is rather raw and dark and a bit jazzy (sometimes) and atmospheric at the same time. One thing that made an impression on me is the album’s production. Pretty damn’ impressive. In my opinion it helps you a lot to discover this eerie soundscape called ”Paracletus”. I consider ”Paracletus” to be a concept album. O.k, this is obviously an assumption of mine. First track is called ”Epiklesis”. In greek it means invocation. And it ends with ”Apokatastasis Panton” which in greek means recovering of everything. This album is like a pray to a dark deity. So dark and mysterious at the same time.

Personally i enjoyed this album. I want  to thank my friend for his recommendation. You know who you are. This album is definitely recommended for fans of Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Thorns, Satyricon, Fleurety. So if you’ re a fan of these bands do yourself a favor and listen to ”Paracletus”. Check out these links:


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