Interview with Blame Kandinsky

Please introduce your band. When was the band formed?

Hello, i’m Stratos, the one who makes noise with his mouth haha! Well, Blame Kandinsky is a five piece, math/ hardcore band from Athens, formed back in the beginning of 2012. The band’s current line up was formed on the November of the same year. 

Can you tell us about your main influences?

Good Question! I’d say they’ re quite a few since all five of us like to listen to a lot of different things like mathcore/hardcore, jazz or even experimental hip hop. So, i believe that this blend of influences reflects on our songs. 

Living in Greece, how much would you say, you’ ve been affected by this financial crisis that we’ re going through?

Hm, concerning us, but even the arts in general, i believe it can affect you both ways, both positive and negative. The positive thing is that there are so many bad stimuli around you that you’ re trying to reflect that on your art. It’s your way to scream, to be heard. There are definitely many negative things that you have to deal with. And surely, the biggest of all is the financial part. A lot needs to be done because we need that damn’ thing called money in order to record our material, for our equipment, our rehearsals, e.t.c. I’m also going to name another big negative and i’m going to stop there since there are so many of them. That’s of course time limitation. You must work of course many hours. Surely musical instruments and albums are cool but unfortunately you can not eat them haha. 

Back in 2014, you released ”Pink Noise Motel” ep. Tell us a bit about that. Any particular concept behind the album you would like to discuss?

It took us two years but in the end, yes we released it! It was recorded and mixed at Unreal Studios by Alex Ketetzian. It was mastered at Interlace Audio studios by Stephan Hawkes. Cover photo was taken by Yama Suki and photo editing was made by Nefeli Spiliotakou. This ep is a product of how different we are as musicians and as characters. That’s why it took that long to compose and record it. No, there is no such thing as a concept behind the lyrics if that is what you’ re reffering to. 

What about a new album?

We’ re currently writing new songs and this summer we’re starting recording sessions. So stay tuned!

What inspires you the most?

Personal experiences, what’s inside our heads and it needs somehow to come out of it, and things that happen around us and inside of us. As i’ve said before it is our way to shout, scream and be heard. And it gives us great pleasure to see people in our live shows that understand our voice.

What are you listening to these days? Any bands you would like to recommend?

We’ re listening to many different things like Drive like Jehu, Oathbreaker or even bands like City n Colour and Στίχοιμα haha. Personally, nowadays i’m more listening to experimental hip hop like Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar. These are some of the artists that i’d recommend. 

Are there any live shows planned for Greece or abroad?

This sunday we’ re playing at CoreFest Vol.1 at An club in Athens and on the 14th of May we’ re playing at Distorting Point of View – Tardive Dyskinesia 10 Years Anniversary also at An club. This summer we’ re aiming for a balkan tour.

What does the future hold for Blame Kandinsky?

With  our music we intent to conquer the world along with Pinky and the Brain!


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